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Case study area between Roman Carnuntum (upper left corner) and Lake Neusiedl.

An archaeological case study will serve to test and evaluate our approaches. The proposed case study area is situated between Petronell-Carnuntum and the lake Neusiedl. This area seems to be very promising both archaeologically and in terms of software testing. Archaeologically speaking, this region comprises a very important part of the Hinterland of Roman Carnuntum.

The information that is extracted from aerial data acquired during the project, will allow to further enhance the understanding of this Roman landscape south of Carnuntum, which was after all the capital of the province Pannonia. Besides, the area has also been photographed several times during the last decade.

The vertical and oblique aerial photographs already revealed a huge amount of vegetation mark information on archaeological and geological structures. However, the crop marks are dispersed over vast areas and therefore need a big effort to be thoroughly georeferenced. The proposed 250 km² large area is covered by roughly 1.000 vertical and oblique aerial photographs from various years and seasons (made between 1965 and 2010) with scales ranging from 1:25 000 to 1:5 000. The evaluation should help to identify problems and to improve our approach.

The case study should also result in written guidelines about the methods of proper aerial data acquisition and georeferencing. Using these guidelines, it will also be shown that, when applied correctly, the proposed hard- and software approach are able to generate very fast and very efficient georeferenced orthophotomaps, even in the hands of non-experienced archaeologists.

Besides, more general photographic issues such as image format, scale, image resolution etc. will be included in addition to the guidelines. Therefore, the presented workflow will have to be as straightforward as possible and the recommended hardware affordable.

FWF-Project P24116-N23:
Automated (ortho)rectification of archaeological aerial photographs

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